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powerful man in the states janice on the attack was sacked from his managing the economy. corruption womanizing and drug taking what analysts say it's one of the biggest the peebles has the government since the death of the former leader kim jong il in two thousand the mountains. now to violent scenes from a football match result two people have been seriously injured in a violent brawl that broke out between fans images were broadcast live to millions of homes are likely to raise questions about the country's ability to keep them safe during next year's world cup after clifford reports. i see no conflict because players green knight's tale. minutes later the cd and descended into chaos. it is time to teach other and began to lose grind the beans and some of the idea contest this repeatedly and can't. riot police fired pepper pilates and tear gas into the riots the helicopter ride to treat the insurance. the plaintiff was already being punished for sundial in several months ago. it will finance the series to brazil this year raising concerns for the country's image ahead of the world
of the company. calls to the global economy twenty four hours a day. due to the business into you on all the stops in stocks rose in all prices fell this week on the news of a new pay deal between iran and six world powers the reigning government pledge to make its nuclear program or transparent in bhutan western powers relaxed some of the sanctions on the country the deal was also seen to pique the interest of western companies and stay on a return to a market that has been largely cut off the tee to sanctions. it isn't too late to cry of victory all the years of animosity to help with the business side of the story became time to crispin holes he's managing director to nato intelligence which evaluates political risks said thank you very much in people being with us let me start by asking you how big of a deal t think that this new quit the law actually is how much progress has actually been. while it's it's enormously important is a huge step forward in principle on the terms all the i truly mean to the economic impact of that is much less than that the principle of progress many fear
to develop the digital economy within the context of the eu twenty twenty strategy to build a sustainable knowledge based economy in europe. any piece of home being champions of the digital economy for the benefits it brings to the citizens they represent a vis the us there is a kurdish member of our. it's very significant to the proposal of course today for my plea to god through ppp. specially i think we're close ups the ngos say and this development proposal on from the european and a commission specially not of course looks performance and publishers but it comes. of course you'll always be able to watch the ppt these digital content online wedding off. the city on a few days in a sixty eight to compete at any given. and this and often on the tv and be scammed by this time it's the vandalism of the cba china's white skin is running a mindset to get to speak. the white city of hope that those who have lost their sight. pity she didn't get the three hundred bc to compete against sun that he can apply for jobs in the private sector. it's a nice because it's gets to the paper gets to watc
of adopting effect the loss of the country needed new political transformations as the economy grew. the two thousand and seven the president proposed in march the consumption can expand the authority of the fall of the constitutional reform was scared out of the initiative of the soul cannot survive the lead for the system was changed to parliament received extra leverage on the government and the political parties and non governmental sector started playing with her walls in defining the policies and finding the solution. in fact some of the presidential powers were given to the prom today we have a bye camaro parliament which present three political parties includes representatives of cars expense people's assembly. the judicial system of the country is also being improved. it extends courts have become more dependent this even receive a better position in the global competitiveness ranking. thus being the basis of a unified in stable second power to institute a presidency in context and features independent in efficient functioning of the legislative i considered and judicial branches of
start to negotiate the best stands for the treat jar ukrainian economy live to one doesn't know what the words when we see you we want it back to times for me and we wanted to intensify all. this agreement is to be signed it was in the fall and it will be necessary to comply with the stunts. haiz co was not welcomed by all stations jesus. they hope to summon enough punishment revolts on tuesday to oust the cabinets. you are gentle called reached justified its decision by saying that ukraine could in the photo great treats aren't sweet to watch. he estimates showed about forty five cents of ukrainians support posts but integration with the eu. but that was ordered as favoring the most part sweet to watch bulls coach point two brackets you with the eu by finding some new ukrainian imports and a quick single trade sanctions. in two thousand knowing dispute between kiev and moscow on gas prices resulting gas being cut off to the ukraine for a three week period the general cctv transmission out to thailand anti government protest leader says that the attacks obama said on tuesday that he
with economies make it clear that not as eager to move closer to taking it as the crowds on the streets of kiev. some eu states struggle under the of a start he would tell police that his decision to forgive people's debt is paid off . i know it from cities and rules can reach it this is auntie international the editor of britain's got the news papers relating to find flat out denying his paper a detailed response publishing revelations about the scale of global cement used to grill by parliament the committee which question of whether the paper is undermining national security zone sez center of the report it did get quite heated. well what the herring it was a lively at times that don't quite have the hang of it i think it's bad to say that this is the guiding the free press managing alonso who plays questions that at some of the questions i think london and raise some eyebrows secondly we had at one point an anti off i'm a three g d that you love your country now that will send me any question that is getting to be raising eyebrows we all say i had one np seemingly content some of the guardi
of november on optimism that the us economy is on the path to recovery and there this week may provide further evidence of that one protocol stack. here are starting off the new week and the final month of the year. the good of an email a guard standing by the tokyo stock exchange the meta twenty of the new also he stops just a touch on friday about mart big gains for the month. i think shaping up this monday morning. and how much i use indeed i'd like to be games for the nikkei last the month i actually rose nine point eight percent on the month of led largely by the stronger taller that we saw which was a lot of exports but let's not let see if i were taking off up to date december seconds and a bit of a mixed picture here of the nikkei just marching in the negative topics just barely in the positive we'll see how that develops. now i know you can take over key economic data may arise but the house in the sense that the u s jobs data on friday is going to be the big focus for today because it's gotta be the last one before the federal reserve policy meeting on december seventeenth and eighte
that expanding sunday work to help the economy employees at this home improvement store have fought for months to work on sundays we continue to spare during the week i decided to get twenty find unison. mawson working on a sunday is a choice for me to be doing the years. i'm happy about that a government commissioned report says greater flexibility and clarity are needed. he recommends reducing the number of allow working some tasty. while confined it also recommends revue in commercial zones are determined to break down shops and stalls easier open on sundays because the famous and the music for stone that department stores next to the opera remain closed. and not slacking on sundays here in france is the subject of the debates which starts right now with costs october which is already started here and here on the set many things like their pride. in the newsroom. also tongs has made good on his promise france's president promising to reverse the trend of unemployment before the end of the year last thursday news came and twenty thousand jobless went back to work well that's the good news an
of the ruling party of the region's economies did not go for the draft. this block is the institution buildings in the cabinet of ministers is not the path to european integration but to dictatorship. i am. no clue i demand to stop all legal and lawful decisions to block the building of the government you are sure to be responsible in all the pp push on the wrongful acts will be responsible for this to let you know meanwhile thousands of protesters gathered at the building of the parliament to continue to demand the resignation of the cabinet of ministers and the president. still there we came into vogue for the resignation of the government and the president and so for new elections. why because we do not like being treated as animals. the protests began after the president picked unocal which refused to sign the eu association in the free trade pact but most people went to the streets on sunday after they've been caught so it is violently dispersed the crowd on independence square. the thai government has negotiated a truce with protesters in the streets of the capital for the next several da
in germany the country's central bank has forecast even brighter days ahead for europe's biggest economy despite losing steam in the third quarter the bushes and has raised its projection german economy to grow as much as half a percent this year. in twenty fourteen it sees one point seven percent growth and that could rise to two percent in twenty fifty what is on president pointed to the country's low unemployment rates increased hiring and study. find out all the years went down on the markets returned to our reporter because i was. it stopped an optimistic outlook for the german economy from the united states is well positive data came in which shows that the recovery of the economy there is stronger than anticipated. contrary to the tenancy all week the market did not take this as an opportunity to be concerned about the potential he only on phasing out of the monetary stimulus by the center backs. nope the dax is up again and with it. the hopeful of the year end rally is back again which is the hope that stock prices hero will be rising with the end of the year. i am trying to say
overnight now if the economy. whaley hiding in the fall. it's the markets are expecting and it is a meeting in the folds our ukraine so it is a very serious situation the ukrainian central bank that's all it is almost grown it doesn't have any money and won't be able to support the ukrainian currency going forward. unless you train gets credits immediately. a tiny baby genius denying a half months to sell us oil joint exploring fish a look at me with only the least for the mine. the demonstrators and i refusing to meet the training site despite the heavy police presence saying the court of asian extraction method could permanently damage the environment is the capital for custody. in a remote part of romania ideal rage and fury protesters stormed the work site operated by chevron. police responded with full force those who didn't leave willingly were dragged away so you can see at sony up in my country i live in the place for scenes of the high political price taste of home projects the company front of the net the the people here want to know is who will protect them from big business. th
that the country's economy hide industry and trade body said it strikes across the country some two hundred million dollars. the road or vibration of the blue it to its bali people stop about and talk to some exponents of this button will give kisses aka summer that is a cynical twenty pieces is that the highest in the blood the executive board of the government to which he be the next ball is expected that this is all this the budget deficit reaching out to some discussion about this alarming. add to the commercial hub is like a civics with the outbreak of the epidemic. then the forty seven thousand visitors vaccination. the defendant's refusal of the budget documents to be in the end of the organization program of the country. after that the demented ropes activists of all the time i took that as the benefits of bad vaccinations and again it is a western plot to sterilize muslims. the director had about but found that the porto by respondents said yes please read the perspective of the strip had the energy and focus on in the wall the demise of south african leader nelson mandela on thursday. jac
because the what the nazis and the sweet is that. the and that that the economy and to amend the deal positions as much or eat at the bottom that they cannot dismiss the government and they want the government to dismiss salam. action is very difficult to predict what had happened. you'll be sucked into the model not a situation thank you very much that the professor makes all negotiable. thank you. will the world new the french forces are now taking up positions in flashpoint areas of the central african republic. it's meant to help put an end to several days of sectarian violence. an estimated four hundred people dead and forced thousands to flee their heads the country's top catholic official today appealed for calm. he's urging christians in the country to end the cycle of vengeance against the country's muslims i kept silent on the tumble in the capital boogie is koda limits. tomorrow is our chicken of the crucial during the transitional government and mainstream presentation due to the heat out of the soldiers the ripples from the former coalition to help him go. president. what
economy also on my head. and they've seen an artist donald i will still be ukrainian capital of justice toward police lines and capture of mr to buildings hundreds of thousands of roman streets demanding the country's leadership resigned over the shelving of a trade deal with the eu. so the top headlines of the week despite general praise for historic deal on the roads become pregnant. the bombers attacked by forbes in washington he think the role has been let off the hook and these golden independence movement launches its manifesto to much acclaim but critics say the least effect is heavy on the tail lights and all the facts. the most of the day's top stories in the latest developments. this is the weekly one on teams it's a breaking news this hour as mini zoo hundred and fifty people being injured in the ukrainian capital two thirds of them police officers several arrests were made as protests is all that a gas stones and metal chains broke into the city council building and tried to storm the presidential administration. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators all the stre
is part of a wider strategy to develop the digital economy within the context of the eu twenty twenty strategy to build a sustainable knowledge based economy in europe. any piece of home being champions of the digital economy for the benefits it brings to the citizens they represent at the sbs there is a kurdish member of our. it's very significant to a proposal. sales are likely to go through ppp. specially i think we're close ups the coast in this development proposal on from the european and a commission specially not of course looks performance and publishers but it comes. of course you'll always be able to watch the ppt these digital content online wedding off. the city on a few days in a sixty eight to compete at any given. and instead often on the tv and be scammed by this time it's the vandalism of the cba china's white skin tightening money saved to get to speak. the white city of hope that those who have lost their sight. pity she didn't get the three hundred bc to compete against sun that he can apply for jobs in the private and sector. it's a nice pickup and its history t
. not much of these. i actually found its way through the economy soul. if we are to duel in alterations similar to the ot i roll. we want to make sure that this is being used for the economy. some regulations went into juice funds to banks but i can't actually see the problem lending it out. now the ecb is holding back on intervening. it's cute explanation for that was obscured. we have not identify. and mostly the various and numerous easter is sweet that one specific instrument in the discussion we had today the weekend that we had a brief discussion about native deposit rates by the close of grief. the economic recovery has slimmed down on the razor and ecb kept its key interest rate unchanged on testing. it also expecting me a very slight rise in inflation between now and twenty fifteen. a quick look at the movement of the markets today signing in frankfurt the dax was down by about six tenths of a percent to nineteen eighty four that killed some fifty down by a bit more one point two nine over new york the dow jones industrial average is still trading at down the river percent of t
few years funnily enough that they forget that they could change one child off to help the economy. but before that would take a look at the top rate of one year in china first up in security daily. the restricted housing policies after the premium still not stop the rise in housing prices. the china index academy over to play his one hundred cities housing prices died yesterday today november the average housing price the country's one hundred visitors to the vet and got to the un for square meter for about a hundred to two hundred dollars a square foot increased five point eight percent compared to the previous month. eighteen consecutive month for rising housing prices in stuttgart and twelve. many first and second years to implement the new restricted housing policy after the third clean up. market insiders don't believe the booker prize over short period of time the new puppy might have a positive impact in the future how i can cook them. in october the beautiful cover and on to provide new and plot structure. coverage is regulated the house and constructively and promptly sol
survive while allowing enormous damage to irreparable damage being done to done to the iranian economy. we've seen in the polls in the middle east north africa extended periods of sanctions that don't remove a regime of the puppy mill most damaging thing is done to the economy into the population larger than one thinks of a day or iraq for example within the regime could survive for much longer. but the regime using its own its longer term survival. and to achieve that i think the regime needs sanctions. and aviation before the damage this on the economy is becomes irreparable will never let us as happened in iraq. in how the state's key thing that they were in court and he is at the moment infection this time. growth is basically ignore that. so it seems pretty bad from the from the outside. it is extreme and out and given that the economy is very much driven bali government spending which is itself a function of government revenues to come from. crude oil exports limitations on crude exports stronger low economic growth is an open environment where you have a very large scale private sec
thousand and nine. the event is the keystone for the reconstruction of the local economy before this conference and a few companies were working. for now many companies are working. it's a great development which leads to more facilities. to get the multitude of business cards. these entrepreneurs with a stiff peaks that leads directly to contest the contract is highly contested the farmer takes it for the district of helmand but it was already have two or three projects in one hand don't say they want trees haunting and con the city there are some electricity projects the same intel are on their projects and many of the district to live with it the statement will often be the key to a safe environment in the costco checks all too often gone to a place in kabul. leave it to the country from pakistan and iran. events like these things happen to them. this is constricted contractors and so i can say. alicia condition of the problems is that we can only use natural diamonds with spikes. look at the bit to other international companies in the company's progress pics to us what they'
of the us economy and your yarn is now at one hundred and thirty nine point one four two one nine the profit taking in the euro against the yen bow so the bistro meg is me get this easter may see some selling pressure on japanese export this city. t i tried doing things a lot for that update. officials from japanese firms hitachi and us manufacturer johnson controls are set to join forces. they plan to establish the world's largest air conditioning firm for businesses next year. he got to plan says will spin off its air conditioning business and johnson controls will obtain a sixty percent stake in the joint venture school will use our goal is to establish the world's leading air conditioning system for cars. by combining technology is home detention and chills and controls the dude's president says his firm's energy saving technology along with the us company's global sales network is a ninety lb partnership. japan's banking now boasts the strongest sales in air conditioning systems can be in cash the market. an upgraded to business on the wii with the tech market. it is. it is when sliced
posts in the party. john worked to open up north korea's economy in two thousand and two eleven economic delegation to south korea. but he fell from grace in two thousand and three observers thought he'd been dismissed his whereabouts were not reported again until two thousand and six it became john eales death in two thousand and eleven china is why i supported the young successor john was given the task of meeting chinese leaders last year the report of a possible reshuffle and kill again raises plenty of questions return to north korea expert ha jin look for answers. he's a senior research fellow at the korea institute for national unification the team. it's shocking to me because you don't come from things and more than them but we both parties and town center was about to make her all consuming the two thousand and eight when king john who is in its proper happen. so i think a note on baby up with her toys started to turn from k and joe and his baby acne but his lawyer told it to happen because you don't. chinchilla i'm sure you don't put the pulp is two three of us can one not so g
that on his garden cart growth plans which he really hope so will pull the economy through so some domestic issues to focus on as well by every means the things seen a drop in the dollar where we this morning exactly especially from tuesday's local side the pairing right now. dollar yen hundred and one point eight pc to eighty five. it has talked to as i said compared to hundreds people in thirty seven inches on tuesday investors selling the dollar and concerns about the fact the scaling back its monetary easing programme and also taking profits from the recent dollar's rise against began. now all eyes are going to be on the u s jobs data released later today. euro yen the european central bank on thursday left its benchmark interest rates unchanged during and right now two hundred and thirty nine points fifteen to twenty it also slightly upgraded its outlook for growth in the region for two thousand and fourteen however ecb president tom are you trying to express concerns about a prolonged period of low inflation and mention of that policy makers did have a brief discussion on possibly eas
would be cheaper that the government will lose the deal would actually damage the economy for very little in return the opposition students to skip should resist pressure from moscow but close economic ties with russia including a free trade said in a shed business landscape and increased exports able to pull the states together. an associate professor of political economy. jeffrey someone says to use trade relations with the ukraine have touched the country if we take a look an eastward expansion itu we can see that it has in the past. produce de industrialization in the east only migration from the east to west. and so we've also seen west european in the east and i think that the eu is a yet to experience the course of the past for five years the economic crisis in its ease further eastward expansion as a waitress all their own problems and last year. some sunni politicians to be blaming russia for the events taking place in kiev saying it was pressure from moscow that sunk the deal with the eu and some of those politicians of being seen in the central kiev cheering protest is a
to forty percent of the world's economy. they sever second year in korea life from seoul and keep them from when they do so much for joining us. we begin with the president's confirmation of three key government posts today which went through despite the lack of the national assembly's blasting the president talking head pushed ahead with the appointments to maintain stability in state affairs as all elementary businesses come to an effective holt from a boycott by the opposition party the presidential office correspondence was into surface. health and welfare minister please don't kill prosecutor general keen to attack a cheese stick on a term high tech and have benefits to place your perspective seats by president mckinley. ordered the new we appoint officials to work or brooding up the normal practice is to penetrate its tv fears that its production. make sure that nobody in any case to find the constitution and the beaches democratic principles the president had to lay off three appointments due to strong objections by the opposite party. after all confirmed that she's on her nomination
the geelong plant ukraine profit from europe's economy this european union officials and heads of european states tried to explain the inventive use of your hand the main even if new ukrainian coal beds that will be able to penetrate the european market. he's only one explanation for that he did it with you on. indeed the european market. he's nice and very protected markets. and it is actually the ukrainian market that's your real needs particularly in these times call for an economic crisis has sold its head between his duty as an extension called the european market. protests in kiev began in november the plaintiff as to say no to the government said it was suspending a major trade deal with the heat while a zombie and tools independence plan on sedan not the week with several thousand demonstrators and police occasionally engaging in scuffles on friday night eleven security forces run out of patience and raided the county seat is she a force to disperse the crowd authorities were quick to find any prices in central kiev but this is only set to encourage today's opposition to a good day
attend for november showed further signs of improvement in the economy. income tax receipts are more than six hundred million euro higher than november two thousand and twelve despite no income tax increases while spending on social welfare is one hundred twenty two million euro lower than planned. both are consistent with last week's pick is showing a rise in employment and to follow and the number is on the effect is to become husband and child even joins us now with a net long time wasting for that show but is this a quite possible the text and content yes it is in the november numbers are always important for the government because it's the biggest amount of tax to get in in the year because the smoothie as self employed people pay their taxes and traditionally it's also been the month on which the following year's budget has been pasted it normally you would expect the budget within two or three days of these expect returns to the november above what is that the kids are showing us is that the couple to stop in more tax than they sold to open the gideon and also spending less money t
transformation of economy of both sides straits exchange foundation cam and ingles said. o so we stayed at his hands at taiwan and china which together to establish international standards in france the tenth inning diluted eight day visit to taiwan and that taiwan can repair it. this was his first visit to taiwan the association of the nation i was really scared him and said he hoped to get the time i get near future. former premier yossi claim emerged as the victim of the democratic progressive party's new thai pizza de niro primaries. according to yell he will do his best to you not to partake. every store new type the city to the ttp. former lexington tomko a high gloss to yell in the primaries said he will fully support kills campaign regards to that allah solitary to you in the infield empty as his secretary general meeting to jockey in the race. the dp said to do with negotiate with the tissue in the hopes of having that drop out of the wrecks. american radio secret exceeded his former spokesperson council had in the democratic progressive pretty speedy type b c the mire of primaries. i
the ukraine's economy was weak and i'm a joint force goal line kiwis in kiev for some poeple will meet at us about this meeting between the presents. well ukraine's on defiant president dixie on the color that stopped off in a softie for mason with his russian counterpart that in the region on the way back from a visit to china according to court after needed to ukraine's prime minister get a cut that was looking to secure all but cemented stronger economic ties with russia. what's been described as a writer cannot do up remains disagreements between the two countries in the areas of trade on to the economy not the ukrainian economy is struggling right now the country is heavily in debt on to beat struggling to pay some of it just goes to russia on the dignity of the cartridge was looking to try to kill some kind of detail on the front spots any media suggestions are many reports of that to kiev is on the brink of signing the customs union without russia alongside kazakhstan that a race that has been dismissed with russia said the topic wasn't even discussed but the debate of little consolat
. the wto says the bali deal could add one trillion dollars. the global economy. it is so great people you need is a milestone for the wto. it marks the organization's first global trade deal since its creation in nineteen ninety five for the first time in our history the wto has truly the limit the deal will lower trade barriers and speed up the passage of goods through customs. most importantly its terms apply not just to reach industrialized states and also the poor developing countries. analysts estimate it could boost the global economy by hundreds of billions of dollars. we have achieved something very significant. people all roam the world will benefit from the beckett who have delivered here today. but some critics say the agreement could prevent or countries from setting their own priority areas like environmental protection workers rights and food security. negotiations dragged into an extra day after last minute legal threats from individual countries. he objected to the removal of a reference to the us trade embargo and india objected to provisions that might stop it from stock
is alive and kicking the country's economy has rebounded after the recession which struck our five years ago with state reading its own path to financial well being. instead of trying to save its bankrupt banks the government will let them go to the law. the leadership then decided to reject a lost deposits repayments being swayed by protesters he said the plan is unfair. instead every household in the country will now have twenty four thousand heroes written off their mortgage banking executives accused of causing the crisis the first place are also being pursued at the state. master of binary economics mighty shakespeare believes that iceland is setting a remarkable example. you must rely on your own national bank. for your own new uses for your own with economy and for the spreading and if you don't do that you'll be trapped into debt in the same way that when the priest of god christ and that you've got a free country in the well is being checked into the increasing debt. and all that happens is that they increase the levels of debt and smashed the populations down. we need every vot
us counterparts are compromising on farm tariffs. japan's economy in the third quarter grew slightly less than initially reported. officials at the cabinet office say the latest figures for the july to september period suggests the gdp rose by zero point three percent in real terms from the previous quarter. this translates to an annualized one point one percent growth down zero point eight percentage points from the preliminary numbers released last month. the gdp has expanded forty fourth consecutive quarter corporate capital spending growth was revised down to zero percent plus zero point two percent. when us stocks ended last week on a high note following positive jobs data on friday the dow jones industrial average rallied nearly two hundred points for a look at what that might mean for my kids here were enjoying a bye from the military that at the stock exchange. we had big move in the us on friday with every action here today to get ready to move to the us and a pretty big move here as well as outlook of the opening doubles for december nights and you can see quite clearly tha
that the implementation of the copper has a plan on finding great economy is a priority. the long term program of the house and modernization should be beneficial for all people ahead of the government said that the people should have favorable conditions to dissipate in the program today. oh also instructed to strengthen control for the integration within the customs union. a common economic space in the world trade organization. this has been extended russia and model roos will have equal access to the chairman's since january first of two thousand fourteen as a part of the common economic space electronic for kim and procedures were determined as the main format of state quarter receipts in the compliance with the international agreement experts and business men discussed the special characteristics of the upcoming innovations in minsk the to kim and budget of the common economic space stanza two hundred billion dollars. experts believe that electronic format of the procurement process will ensure transparency in equal access. still when it is awesome it's the spiny dual seat. today the ec
of u s china relations. president she said the world's two largest economies that you need to share responsibility for upholding world peace and promoting human development looking into the future we stand ready to work with the us to continue to build a new model of major country relations. respecting each other's core interests. a major concerns while continuing to strengthen international cooperation and communication to deal with global issues she told by an old friend. everything went well over the forty five minute schedule to meet him and commented on the air defence zone just use but it will be on the agenda tensions in the region are at their highest teen years marley's chief prosecutor has announced the discovery of the remains of twenty one people in a month's grace this baby can't even achieve that. once they get the countries that the strong man who was rested last week and charged with complicity in kidnapping according to the prosecution of the bodies being found. i meant to say no that would force a likely be charged with assassination the health of presidents is a s
six million people work in the industry. so with the show became the economy is extremely important the bnp does not combine has no plans to take part in the january elections but unless it's trying to sabotage the elections but painting on its last two strikes. this is you can see now what to think of the kids said that the bnp which can be but just as the pakistani forces had done in nineteen seventy one the decision not to protest. the icicle exposes it to the fact i did not demand that the us. no reductions would mean intimidation of posts article fifty seven of the constitution and that is as in something similar to what happened in two thousand and seven. in the country has to include two just been posted to an agency with a chinese dish. i had the coolest living and dying imposed upon the cia does it claim ten hundred seeds of destruction. this is independent of all of it to me to change it. sayed mohammad it to him said that the heating up the step isn't too different identities and different than it does of success and fabian. in my view. included in the grip of another. an
political economy jeffrey summers as the news trade relations with ukraine for the country if we take a look an eastward expansion itu we can see that it has in the past. produce de industrialization in the east only migration from the east to west. and so we've also seen west european. and i think that the eu is a yet to experience the course of the past for five years the economic crisis in and sees further eastward expansion as a waitress all their own problems last year some eu politicians to blame russia for stalling the deal had been cheering on protesters it right in the ukrainian capital thereafter early to professor marks the boat from moscow state university. but the officials are doing is a violation of international law. the fact that they are essentially on the ground and yes cheerleading the protesters are calling for a revolution in the country. this is tantamount to the regime change that has been called for in german newspapers earlier today. this is the most egregious violation of the united nations charter and international law violation of sovereignty and the non interfer
's economy. this european union officials and heads of european states tried to explain the advantages of european ambition to lead opinions too late the main even if you are ukrainian products that will be able to penetrate the european market. he's only one explanation for that to me that it would be none indeed the philippine market he's nice and very protected markets. and it is actually the ukrainian market that's your real needs particularly in big time golf in economic crisis has so it is said to please you as an extension called the european market will the protests is was impressed by the ukraian president's promise to re start discussions on the eu trade deal which of course lies at the root of all the unrest has taken a bit of a situation has unfolded over the pos couple of weeks ago began in the kiev on to them and to the festival for the government said it was suspending a major trade deal with the eu. iran is on the capital's independence square last another week with several thousand demonstrators and police occasionally engaging in scuffles on friday nights however secu
reports that the economy in brazil during the third quarter have contracted more than anticipated. jessica left and came under pressure significantly because this tuesday prosecutors raided forty branches of the time all of the journey. at the headquarters of the mass pike in frankfurt the suspicion is that commands are helped and italian insurance company to sell life insurance policies cars could use to evade taxes and to do with money daunting. if the allegations but come to the financial sector in europe would have another large scale scandal i was in frankfurt. here's a quick look at the numbers from the market starting in frankfurt the dax was down by about two percent to ninety two twenty three cents. us stocks fifty over two percentage points down thirty thirteen advantage over in new york dow jones industrial average was also down. trading right now cause to present it to one percent down fifteen eight seventy one year was actually up against the dollar though one thirty five ninety eight jonathan has been one of the first time since nineteen ninety seven. like that may indicate t
courted this add the pasta is turning the economy and to take piccies now that's ok the ceasefire intended attention to the issues of the farms at eight on enterprise it's the least. i can add to many other years macroeconomic instability and inflation on the lawn to business concerns. one day one read by countless how to restructure the economy increase conducted name. and that restructuring process depends greatly on tesco the week on us tv host a luncheon at the capital though the issue with it's got to like me into this deep yet meeting with sen kerry the spirit at this time to share the expectation of pastors and more efficient at the least the forms. not enough has been done yet what people want to see our. what you call short the first steps of this. which is making this a lease. act like their for profit companies looking at the real belle achieve the same. how are you doing business what are you doing business in an are you spending your money appropriately. getting the soe is to focus on their core businesses which means to shed and so are the other things that are part of their
of political economy and policy tell the ball you integration the brink but the crank and the eu. it may appear attractive to the protesters but i don't think the long run it's going to serve the ukrainian people well to become part of an enlarged european union which is by the way. the theory kind of strong new liberal trajectory so what's the more social the people are looking at me think about the european union is one which is being euthanized as we speak the people see that the people in the eu be paid in full the tutors holocaust until the big toe. what a great market that be for you could get a few craig comes close to it. because the sole significant mackenzie credit so that one of the book out west is the money for that well i did but people certainly are not. i think that's in the usa when you hear about. brittany here but from cheer to everyone who when to cut down home but said and that benefit increases the cold but it right you'll see him the people of course. and that will constitute a veritable to carry people who live a very precarious existence. in theory couple will le
's globally as a rapidly emerging economy priscilla has received about two hundred billion dollars in foreign direct investment in the past six years and is now the world's sixth largest economy. my advice also on my head. and they've seen the torrens title. when the great typically used in japan in two thousand the shinkansen super express trains will stop soon. no make it. thanks to him it was many sites due to the expensive stuff the reinforcements coming to break the mold. i love this system uses size moment trucks and coastlines to momentous autistic boy. it's the way to trim it was judged to be imminent the transformer substance comes out tomorrow. really old train safely and swiftly to it toss to them late in two thousand and four. we get to it we improve the effectiveness of the shinkansen is earthquake early warning system and reducehe car and we need to stop trying. when the great easter time earthquake struck for the train stops i did with no injuries to us return of july to see a stream to showing up late in the morning since two thousand and seven the result that even very large
many common interests were close trading partners were trying to develop a global economy together and i think that's gonna be a big part of the message is not just a newbie about the crisis over in her defense though i would say that joe biden isn't that the condition of mediating pensions. this law might i add the rice and all. what kind of united states may not fully agree with each other it's a bloody and eighty i see both sides say that a moment to calm the situation calls for sustained high level gauge. i'm sad it's all about. this is about twenty four inches. major concerns on cctv. they did. french the issues you more. ril has arrived in beijing just in time to attend the closing ceremony of the nineteenth france china economic seminar on thursday. they're all delivered a speech at the ceremony. saying that france hopes to reach an economic balance with china the seminar is an annual event co hosted by the china council for the promotion of international trade and the french to the committee every year a delegation of french governor's lead by the french government official
the korean economy is resilient. according to imf chief christine lead guard who made the comments on the last day of the two day visit here to soul song to some reports on how the global financial heavyweights these prospects and dangers for asia's fourth largest economy. korea is even more easily now. i was five years ago when the bubble financial crisis broke out that a point ahead of the international monetary fund. christina gap policy makers have used that time and he's the head office twice me. making sure that banks all properly capitalized and some didn't the wording external debts and deploying a month for a potential forty seats the call of the envy of the world. but to proceed down growth projected at three point seven one percent next year by the imf still needs to implement the right package of reforms specifically targeted in the labor market and service sector. goods. an in depth the form of the labor market so that he's more interested in tuesday for temporary workers. enthusiasts young people. in tuesday's two women as well. in addition to the labor market reform.
economies people entering and staying that they have crafted the same proportion of people under pressure from posh disparate images at more than a call to the gop's can all visit to the banking rang my essential provisions of the back to the fifties or sth. marco use to workers the pto many italians use to quote the board and skill which would always get the work n roll. but it didn't hold true for local one day he was sacked and has not been quiet since he's been living on the street for about four years now and says that forty six he sees little chance of fixing his life. yes this not to review his identity. we all when you live on the street survival is what takes up most of your time simply gets in the showers a challenge. it saves so much time to take care of yourself what a normal person all your east end of the day and you're exhausted and depressed. with the italian economy going into its longest recession since the second will dwarf with twelve percent with the walks are unemployed. well for adults and young people don't have a job. there are no official figures on the homeless.
ends meet advocate its leaves paid to do. big economies with roughly the same proportion of people under pressure from harsh austerity measures. the fifth of a quilter. because this nope this is a day in a food bank in rome where essential permission to have the bed to the city sports marco use to workers the pto many italians use to call the pope and skill which would always get the work n roll but it didn't hold true for local one day he was sacked and has not been quiet since he's been living on the street for about four years now and says that forty six he sees little chance of fixing his life yes this not to review his identity in all we live on the street survival is what takes up most of your time simply gets in the shower is a challenge. that said some us time to take care of yourself. what a normal person. cutest end of the day and you're exhausted and depressed. with the italian economy going to its longest recession since the second world war over twelve percent with all our unemployed. well for adults and young people don't have a job. there are no official figures on t
be beneficial for asia's fourth largest us economy it seems can research fellow at aspen institute for policy studies. joy does not assist the year to help misunderstand the asia pacific trading block welcome to progress to grab me. well korea is already interested in that talks about joining a title a regional trade bloc the rc peek of what makes create interested in the us twenty ppm. old korea has been courted by the us and the ppp partners for quite some time now. the question of will with the polish design korea's court is to tear away you will going pee pee pee and if they thought it will join when it will going. in term of timing on a wide tree is down decided to choose this particular moment. we know about trying it on two cans that are to speak and ppp. and in their announcement in the market this year. coupled with the fact that there are some questions about the quality of our set. and still talks for the cgt if he is close to korea japan fta. so where are courteous and two when the blues were to join ppp bulky bpa is a very sizable on trade agreements. it includes among others jap
presidents have discussed at pro lites leave the economic aspects it really is no surprise economy is something that is vitally important to set this up over flights for it. at the ukrainian president on his way back from it i know where he is meant it with his egg chinese colleagues and death. our carried on quite productive economic talks in fact he became president said that he has as scientists and a number of deals as amounting to roughly eight billion dollars in investments. i know why like in a cottage was that trying to figure out to only or even prevented topics and issues here and here we packed that this grandmother late evening. not just for the opinion protesters but also with western politicians are one of them in particular its oriental and who has set the visit to the tent city that was set up here by the protesters position expressing the u s support for the at ukrainian opposition and for the protesters as well as internal and has also held talks with the kids caught the darling of the korean opposition among others that we have seen among the protesters on the sq
'm the reason is lydia. or they the greek economy has shrunk by niemi fortune since two thousand and eight. repeated rounds of lost every t have squeezed households percent unemployment to record highs the two thousand and fourteen great budget has not yet been approved by the trike can quickly get the amended with new austerity measures. one is of the creek governments the safe pompidou is he pays it's been a one month since the devastating typhoon ions that to the philippines and claimed the lives of five thousand seven hundred people life in some parts of the country is slowly getting back to normal. in the worst areas like the club on normalcy is nowhere in sight but he's still been uncovered on a daily basis and construction worker is going on around the clock to bring the city back on its ft. donna d'souza has the story. the sound of nails being hammered debris being cleared. this is tough about one month up to tackle heidi and cause a catastrophe villagers eager to get on with their lives by gathering materials to rebuild makeshift homes. the reminder of the lives lost has not gone
deeply hostile to correction an economy based disco and financial commentator on shaky and the dcu petitions on seizing the ukrainian opposition full time domestic profits. any peace members of the european parliament are terrified that their avoid to be like flying bike onto european forces in elections in four to five months' time therefore they're doing anything to try and get it and give popularity of course the way they did not in the socialist european super state of the eu it is try and be seen iran liberal demonstrators that old time because it kind of info it's there. ok credentials of looking like the liberals the truth is they have no coherent concept of why or what they could do with ukraine and in fact the worst thing that could happen in many senses is the ukraine and on signs this economic data that the devil on free movement of labor it would be chaos for europe as usual the european union said christine awful lot of poker say. and we are forceful during the development and the ukrainian comfort on ads online and also now what scientists he got home you can always f
after the cleanup can china and a planned economy started to open her form well in the late nineteen seventies. most prices for consumer could determine market supply and demand. some natural resources that as water electricity natural gas and fuel are still controlled by the chinese government. this can allow chinese people to enjoy it not for resources and very cheap right. but to me by the rising production costs. so i can get to meet energy enterprises suffer huge losses in producing them the company to require subsidies the government to maintain their operation. for the chinese government is going to document it barely can undertake the financial burden. conked on the rise in prices for the staff or resources became a unique solution. the term rise in price. rebekah with the word for thai people. any tiny changes would affect people's daily lives. the group or family. and the antennae price reforms of natural resources become a dilemma in china. during the prayer team earlier this month. chinese media reported the chinese government to pay more attention to reforming the curren
of mind your time. the good news. celtic and cheaper. the economy hotel market quickly than in recent years. the team hotel to be a difficult time with all that great. most well known chinese economy of felt like home and have indeed been inclined to vote helped more than one thousand stores nationwide. brent taken up less than half the total market share in china. can two walk in you're a local doctor promotion for cheaper for him. that is despite previously to come here and one two with help from two hundred to three hundred us from thirty to fifty dollars per night. now the price decline to take a twenty five dollars night. an accord to heal the two hotels have become the room to the right to become part of the newly opened a hotel. next up a ton of them. times online video website the unrighteous like to write. online video website of the end of the broadcasting rights for time is right because next year. last tuesday on monday to come and go for dot com to one hundred million with sixty million dollars to buy the broadcast rights. she burst into the way to china to become the fir
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